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Unlocking the Power of Subsurface Data

Providing instant access to ready validated subsurface legacy data

Providing users with exclusive access to a streamlined database, allowing them to retrieve and analyse their datasets without the need for further digitisation or QA/QC.

What do we do?

The digital maturity in the oil and gas industry is considered to lag far behind other industries. At GeoXtract we plan to help solve this issue, one trache of data at a time and to grow a scalable business.

With this in mind, subsurface data is stored in legacy databases in formats that cannot be used for analysis. With reports dating back to the 1950s, data analysts spend most of their time on the data collection process. Once the data is gathered, 60%-80% of their time is then spent cleaning and normalising the data before beginning the analysis. This means that the majority of the time is spent on ensuring the data is transformed to a structure that fits the purpose of the user.

Through that, we can manage different sets of data and integrate them within the database in order to allow the user to extract the data in the format or structure that is best fit for practice.

How does GeoXtract solves the problem?


GeoXtract accelerates geological and reservoir analysis by providing immediate access to validated and integrated subsurface datasets. By utilising a Power BI front end, users can filter data based on their specific areas of interest and analyse it without needing to access multiple sources.

Initially, the focus will be on visualising petrophysical data derived from conventional core analysis, special core analysis, well logs, and various versions of core photographs. Users can export the datasets for various applications , such as importing into other software or for research purposes.

Data Exportation

GeoXtract’s data exportation capabilities are designed to empower users across various sectors, to provide them with the tools needed to effectively retrieve and utilise valuable geological data. Whether it is for research, operational planning, regulatory compliance, or collaborative projects. The flexibility and reliability of GeoXtract’s exportation feature ensures that users can maximise the value of their data with ease and confidence.

Cost & Time Saving

By offering exclusive access to the database, GeoXtract eliminates the need for data transformation. This leads to cost and time efficiencies by reducing the hours spent on data management, thereby enabling quicker and more accurate decision-making processes.

Who can benefit from GeoXtract?

Oil & Gas Operators

These companies will benefit from enhanced data integration and accessibility, thus improving their operational efficiency and decision-making.

Government Bodies

Government bodies can use integrated datasets for regulatory compliance, resource management and collaborative projects.


Researchers can utilise comprehensive datasets for advanced research and educational purposes, such as geological studies.

The Team

Yousef Abu Yousef


Matthew Brettle


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